BASIC TRAINING: General in nature, the first level of training introduces the basic scientific and ethical knowledge that underlie research, the relevant normative texts and sound management of ethical review. This level also provides an overall review of the various participants (institutions, REB members, administrators, government) who are involved research ethics review for the purpose of ensuring the protection of research participants and promoting ethical conduct that demonstrates respect for individuals.


SPECIFIC TRAINING: The second level of training is divided into two modules to meet the respective needs of REB support staff and members.

  • Module 2.1 for REB support staff: This module specifically addresses REB support staff, in particular, the persons who chair, coordinate, manage and provide secretarial functions. The module provides practical training regarding the skills, tools and resources required for sound REB management.
  • Module 2.2 for REB members: This module is intended for REB members. Its purpose is to build upon the basic knowledge acquired during the initial level of training and to integrate this knowledge with the practical skills needed to conduct an ethical evaluation of research projects, as well as for discussions and ethical decision-making within a REB.


SPECIFIC THEMES: This level is designed for everyone. Its purpose is to explore different themes in greater depth and to provide more extensive knowledge of the issues raised in emerging research activities. Level 3 seeks to stimulate critical reflection through application of the ethical principles pertaining to scientific research, interpretation and application of normative texts, and use of the tools presented in the preceding levels. Level 3 therefore complements the basic training of levels 1 and 2 by enabling users to enhance and update their knowledge on specific themes, as well as to improve the skills they need to make ethical decisions.

  • Module 3.1: Ethical analysis of benefits and harms in research
  • Module 3.2: Issues Pertinent to Certain Types of Research Participants: Children, Incompetent Adults and Persons in Situations of Vulnerability
  • Module 3.3: Ethics and Regulation of Clinical trials